Q & A

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What does .D do?

.D develops mobile Apps providing an end to end solution for the customer. This is achieved by using highly skilled programmers from Vietnam. We wrote a piece on Medium on Vietnam’s IT growth.

What is the best way to engage with .D for my requirement?

The starting point is our basic Contact Form in the Contact section, which covers the main items we need to scope a project. Or just mail or call any of the numbers on the home page

What process do you go through once you have collected the questionnaire information?

We discuss it in the team and formulate a plan to deliver the solution for the customer. We then present that to the customer. We always meet the customer in person if possible and run through a written app specification document that includes the milestones, and maps out the major stages of the project, the regular customer meetings and make sure we are all clear on what is going to happen, when it is going to happen and what’s going to be delivered.

Where is your office?

We work from London Canary Wharf and Cambodia.

Where can we meet .D?

We are always keen to meet customers! London is best fit for us but easy enough to meet anywhere in Europe or South east Asia.

What availability can you provide?

We will schedule time to work on a project once it is scoped. The commercials dictate how quickly we can ramp up, how many developers and ultimately the deadline that can be achieved.

What Platforms do you support?

Android and iOS.

What size project can .D take on?

Small to mid-sized projects. Larger might need multiple teams.

How many developers do you have?

We have a core team of half a dozen but we have multiples of this available from a pre-vetted pool - so we can scale up easier than most companies.

How do you go about recruiting remote workers?

Our teams all work from home so we interview all candidates in person before hiring and have regular monthly meet-ups in Saigon or Cambodia. We will not hire anyone unless they have a bachelor in Computer Science or equivalent from universities sanctioned by Vietnam's Ministry of Education and Training.

How do you manage remote workers on a daily basis?

We have been doing this for a long time and are well practiced in managing remote teams. We use specific SAAS tools and are constantly in touch via Skype or Telegram during work hours - everything else is just good communication and organization - built on experience. We wrote a piece on Medium on this.

How can the client monitor the project?

We produce detailed weekly reports on time and progress for the client. We also build every day so the client can install and test the project app on their devices. We use strict version control and GitHub or Bitbucket.

What do I do once you have authored the App?

We can hand over code or we can provide a managed service. It is usual to undergo some User Acceptance and Load testing which we can provide.

How do you deploy a project?

We can deploy into the distribution framework you require whether that’s Google Play, Apple Store, Azure, AWS, etc. and manage the distribution with reporting and updates.

How long does it take to develop a mobile App?

When we scope the project we will give a firm estimation on the time needed. When a project needs to be expedited we can increase the resource. We only work to timescales agreed with the customer in advance.

We have an existing App and it need features added - can you do it?

Yes, and it very much depends on the availability of the source code and what frameworks and libraries were used to write it.

We have an existing App built in Ionic Framework?

Yes, and it very much depends on the availability of the source code and what frameworks and libraries were used to write it.

We have an existing App built using Xamarin?

Yes and it very much depends on the availability of the source code and it is likely we will recommend you update the framework.

We have an existing App built in React Native or Flutter?

Yes and it very much depends on the availability of the source code and what frameworks and libraries were used to write it.

We want to use specific API’s or SDK’s, can you support that?

Most SDKs and API’s are modelled around developers being able to use them easily. It is likely that we already have experience with most of the components we need to build your project. Anything new we can explore to the necessary depth to use it in your App. We will also help choose the best components to make up your solution and sometime might need to be allocated to this in the scope of work.

We have a designer or don’t have a designer, what can you do?

We usually work with designers and don’t have one in house because design covers such a vast spectrum of artistic taste and content. Usually we will work with the designer to create the design elements of the App. We can welcome a freelance designer or your preferred designer to your project.

What is your ideal customer?

The ideal customer for us is one that keeps coming back where we build success on success and develop a better product and customer relationship each time we meet.

What project don’t you like?

We like success so we like to avoid misunderstanding at any level. That is why we put a lot of effort and time into close liaison with the customer and understanding what they need in the first place. We ask for a questionnaire as a pre-qualification process and this helps jump start any project with the information we need to make it a success.