Our Work

Client: BBC, London, UK
Case: BBC iPlayer
Details: Senior Interactive Developer role on the iPlayer Embedded Media Player (EMP) team.

Case: National Lottery re-seller training programme
Details: Large-scale educational application for National Lottery's re-sellers

Client: DDB, Copenhagen, Denmark
Case: Carlsberg Corporation
Details: Website and applications for the Carlsberg Corporations global account.

Client: Diesel, Italy
Case: Protokid
Details: Games for Diesel's childrens platform

Client: Imagination, London, UK
Case: Ford Motors
Details: Kiosk for Ford Motors display section at the Detroit Motor Show

Client: Sony Nordic, Denmark
Case: The Ocean Race (formerly Whitbread Round the World Race)
Details: Sailing web app in conjunction with Sony's participation in the global sailing race.

Client: Engine Group, London, UK
Case: Sony Music - Sony Fantasy Festival
Details: Points based league game for Sony/LastFM. Assemble the ultimate, imaginary music festival line-up.

Client: MTW Networks, London, UK
Case: Custom applications
Details: Applications for mixing sound and creating back-drops for TV shows.

Client: LG Electronics, South Korea
Case: Signage application
Details: Digital signage application aimed at being deployed on LG screen system

Client: LBi, London, UK
Case: Philip Morris International video wall
Details: Sound-responsive video wall application for the Chesterfield brand, aimed at Russian markets

Client: Kenneth Willardt Photography, New York, US
Case: Kargoe - Photo social app
Details: Cross-platform, React Native. US Play and AppStore.

Client: Wherzat, Copenhagen, Denmark
Case: Wherzat - Location-centric social app
Details: Native Android version. Danish Play and Appstore.