Who we are

is a vehicle for digital producers to achieve their objectives by using top class offshore developers for a fraction of the costs when compared with United Kindom or the US. Our sales team are based in London and our developer teams live in Vietnam.

If you want to know more about Vietnam and Vietnamese developers,we blogged our experience on Medium.

We also wrote a piece on how we go about in our daily work using Agile methods and bespoke GitHub building schemes to achieve our clients objectives. Also on Medium, it is here.

Bringing order in this plethora of IT talent and happy to give advice are:

Jan Fex is based in Phnom Penh and Saigon and is working on the ground as .D's Project Manager Technical Lead. A seasoned programmer who now spends most of his time focussing on managing the teams and being our main technical liason with customers. Jan has been a professional software developer since 1995 and has been managing Vietnamese, Indian and South African offshoring teams full-time since 2015. He has been working in Scandinavia and the UK for more than two decades having been developer on a string of large-scale projects based in London.

Stephan James is .D's sales and customer representive in London. Stephan have 20+ years experience in sales and management and was previously EU Sales Executive for Agora.io and before that Sales Director Europe for Ericsson UDN.